Captain Mark’s Boats

Our Boat the “Double Hookup”, a 42ft Whale Watcher, is equipped with an upper deck and spotting tower. With top speed, twice as fast as others, it enables us to spend more time watching the whales and less time getting there.

The vessel is Coast Guard certified, has an easily accessible ramp, is partly covered and had a washroom on board. On board, we provide binoculars, seasickness aids, and raincoats.

Our 28ft zodiac the 'Tourmaster" is custom designed for comfort and safety. It has forward facing padded seating, and a plexiglass canopy for full viewing and protection from the elements. Powered by twin 90 Yamahas, it delivers a smooth exhilarating ride. It is equipped with a hydrophone which enables us to hear the whales sing underwater. Seasickness is less likely on this type of vessel since the pontoons prevent the rolling motion.

Approaching top speed of 35 knots (60 km/hr), we can more than double our search area. This increases the probability of seeing larger and different species of whales.


  1. Sea Cave Exploring

  2. Going ashore on secluded beaches

  3. Seal and Eagle watching

  4. Cabot Trail from the sea

  5. Water Taxi to Fishing Cove or Polletts Cove

Our 3rd boat is the 19ft 'North Star'. It has an open concept with seating for 8 passengers, specially designed for using as a water taxi and going ashore to Fishing Cove and Polletts Cove. Can be used for private charters

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