Frequently Asked Questions
Captain Mark’s Whale Watch

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of whales do you see?

We are fortunate to have numerous whales visit our shoreline. In May & June, the Fin & Minke whales frequent our area. By July, Pilot whales migrate here in great numbers and they stay until December. At the end of August through October, Humpback whales and Dolphins come close to our shores since they follow a bait fish that arrives at that time of year.

How close do you get to the whales?

We let the whales come to us. We never chase them or harass them. They usually come as close as a few feet from us.

Which boat gets closer to the whales, the zodiac-style or the cabin cruiser?

The zodiac-style, since you’re almost at water level.

Do the zodiac-style boat and the cabin cruiser go to the same areas?

Yes, they both go to where the whales are, but the zodiac-style boat usually goes farther to seek out other types of whales. It can cover more territory with its speed.

What time of the day is best for going whale watching?

Any time of the day is good for seeing whales. The times when there are the least people are in the morning or evening, and that’s usually when the weather is calmer as well.

Do you have washrooms on board?

We have a washroom on the cabin cruiser, but not on the zodiac-style boat.

How far in advance do I need to reserve?

Generally, in the busy season (July 15th-August 15th), you can call the day before and you should be OK. Any other times, you can show up without a reservation.

Will I get seasick?

Most people don’t get seasick. Those who do are the ones who are prone to car sickness, air sickness, etc. We do provide sea sickness remedies on board such as motion bracelets, candied ginger, soda crackers, and you can also buy medication at our office if you wish.

Do you allow dogs on the boat?

Yes, we allow dogs on the cabin cruiser as long as they are used to boats, and that everyone else on board is comfortable with this situation. We also have a spot at our office where they can be kept in the shade. The person at the office can keep an eye on him or her. All of us are pet lovers.

What do we need to bring?

You need to dress according to weather, and wear sunscreen at all times. You should bring a camera, sunglasses, binoculars, hat & shoes with good soles to maintain your sea legs. You may also bring a backpack or cooler with drinks & snacks if you wish.

Is your boats wheelchair accessible?

We do accept wheelchairs on the cabin cruiser, although we do not have government approved standards. The zodiac-style boat is not recommended for wheelchairs.

Why do you offer 25% discount on some of your tours?

We offer this discount to encourage people to come on the first or the last tours of the day. These times are the least busy, but are actually very good. Most people want to come in the afternoon.

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