Joe Delaney’s
Scarecrow Collection

In the 1980s, Joe Delaney tried to plant a garden in Cap le Moine, Cape Breton, near Chéticamp in Nova Scotia.  According to the local history, Joe made several attempts at establishing a vegetable garden but his efforts were thwarted by crows.  His neighbors teased him about “growing scarecrows.”

Influenced by the local tradition of Mi-Careme,  where local people dressed up in costumes, Joe placed two scarecrows in his garden.  When cars passing by stopped to look at his scarecrows, he decided to create additional ones.

Joe and his son made many scarecrows.  Some illustrated famous people and world-renowned leaders.

Joe passed away in 1966,  but his family has kept the Scarecrow Village alive as a tribute to him.  The Village is located right on the Cabot Trail in Cap le Moine outside of Cheticamp.

Photo of artistic representation of Joe Delaney that is

part of an exhibit at Le Mi-Careme Museum